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Location:304 Northwest 2nd St. at County Courthouse
County: Okeechobee
City: Okeechobee
Description: Okeechobee County was formed Aug. 7, 1917, from St. Lucie, Osceola and Palm Beach Counties. Long a haunt of the Seminoles, the area saw almost no white penetration until the First Seminole War, 1835-42. Much fighting occurred in the county during the war including the Battle of Lake Okeechobee on Dec. 24, 1837. The county has become a major truck crop area. The vicious 1928 hurricane led to flood control on the Lake.
Location:Northeast 39th Boulevard
County: Okeechobee
City: Okeechobee
Description: Peter Raulerson was born September 1, 1857, in Bartow, Florida. His family moved to Basinger in 1874 and, in 1877, Peter married Louisiana Chandler. In October 1896, Peter and Louisiana moved southeast to a region three miles north of Lake Okeechobee known as “The Bend” located along Taylor Creek. The Raulerson family was the first Euro-American settlers in this area. In April 1902, the Raulersons helped establish the first post office in the community, known as Tantie. Their daughter, Martha, served as the first postmaster, and was succeeded by Peter in June 1902. Peter established a Star Route, a privately-contracted mail route, between Tantie and Fort Drum. In October 1911, the town renamed itself Okeechobee. Later, when the City of Okeechobee incorporated on June 4, 1915, Florida Governor Park Trammel appointed Peter the first mayor. Additionally, he served as the first county commissioner from the area in St. Lucie County. Peter established the first school in 1898 and was a trustee of the first brick schoolhouse built in 1916. Peter died in 1947 at the age of 90. Louisiana died one year later. In 2000, Peter was designated as a Great Floridian and a plaque in his honor is located at the Okeechobee City Hall.
Sponsors: Okeechobee Historical Society, The Okeechobee Board of County Commissioners, The Family of Peter and Louisiana Chandler Raulerson, The Buxton-Bass Okeechobee Funeral Home