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Location:511 Caroline Street
County: Monroe
City: Key West

Description: William J. Curry, born on Green Turtle Key in the Bahamas in 1821, immigrated to Key West in 1837. Curry homesteaded this lot in 1852 and was Key West’s leading merchant for forty years. Wm. Curry Sons’ maritime business amassed a fortune during the Spanish-American War building ships, salvaging wrecks, operating a ship chandlery, and erecting wharves. Curry was reportedly Key West’s wealthiest citizen and Florida’s first millionaire. Following Curry’s death in 1896, this Georgian Revival house was erected in 1905 for $13,000 by Curry’s youngest son and business heir, Milton. The house incorporated the original kitchen hearth from the 1860s Curry dwelling and was likely built using mail order plans from architect George Franklin Barber, who supplied designs to affluent American businessmen. Distinguishing features include the original layout, two-story verandas, lavish detailing, fireplaces, a carved wood staircase, and a Tiffany window. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 as part of the Key West Historic District, the house was purchased by Albert & Edith Amsterdam who began restoration efforts in 1976. The Milton W. Curry House is a symbol of Key West’s twentieth century wealth.

Sponsors: Amsterdam's Curry Mansion Inn